About Us

Hi, I am Chantelle the owner of Big Tree Designs.

My fascination with glass started years ago & I have collected Italian coloured glass & hand blown glass items for …well a long time. In 2003 I did a beaded tassel course and discovered the world of Japanese seed beads & Czech pressed glass. I was entranced by the colours & texture available in these small pieces of magic. After more than 16 years in this world of colour I am still captivated by the incredibly creative and unique ways beaders use glass beads. I am also extremely grateful & incredibly lucky to have clients who are probably even more crazy about beads than I am.

Like many of us I was introduced to yarn & textiles by my maternal grandmother & great grandmother before I started school. I have knitted on and off for most of my life and in 2017 I revisited the knitting world and my passion for this medium was rekindled. Not only had the style of knitting been completely revamped, new techniques evolved and a range of must have needles & accessories become available during my long hiatus. The yarn OMW the yarn that was now available from Indie dyers was my nemesis. All those exciting colours and textures, one of a kind yarns that gave the knitter the ability to create an “exclusive” item. On top of this I could add beads if I wanted to, needed to and merge my two worlds Beads & Yarn into one.

Whether you knit, bead, crochet or do any other yarn craft let your inner artist out & do something that makes you happy.